1. HSS Elective – Humanities Social Science Elective

The list of the Humanity and Social Sciences (HSS) elective courses for the Fall term has been finalized by the HSS Commission, which you can find on the following page:

2. Departmental Elective
These are non-obligatory chemistry department courses.
(CHEM 498 can not be taken as departmental elective.)

Students can choose ONLY one of the following courses as departmental elective:

CHEM 473, CHEM 474, CHEM 475

3. Complementary Elective
These are science courses other than chemistry.
MATH, PHYS, BIO, ESC, BM or engineering courses,
CHEM 498 can be chosen as elective.

4. Computer Elective
PHYS 290, ENG 101, CMPE 150, AD 150, DSAI 301 courses can be taken.

5. Unrestricted Elective
These should be at least 3 credit courses and do not have other restrictions.

Students having F / DD / DC for an elective course are not obliged to repeat the same course. These courses can be repeated (R) by another elective course.