Textbook: Laboratory Experiments in General Chemistry by Eliza Kalvo


  • 1. Identification of substances by their reactions
  • 2. Percent composition of a metal oxide ( MgO )
  • 3. Stoichiometry of a given reaction
  • 4. Solubility as a function of temperature
  • 5. Determination of molecular weight by freezing point lowering
  • 6. Thermochemistry
  • 7. Hess’ law: Heat of formation of MgO

The students have one lab period (3 hours) per week. They have to complete the experiments and submit their reports on the same day. The reports have the data sheet, calculations, some prelab questions and also some report questions to be answered.

The experiments constitute 60 % of their lab grade, the remaining 40 % comes from the lab final given at the end of the term. The lab grade constitues 20 % of the total course grade. If a student gets an F from the lab, he/she will have an F from the course.