• ‘Physical Chemistry’ 9th Edi. (7th or 8th Edi) – Atkins and Paula
  • ‘Student’s Solutions Manual’ Edi. 9th (7th or 8th Edi) – Atkins, Trap, Cady and Giunta

Reference Textbooks:

  • ‘Physical Chemistry’– Levine
  • ‘Physical Chemistry’ – Barrow
  • ‘Physical Chemistry’- Alberty

Topics to be covered [9th Edition]

  • Ch 1 The properties of gases: The perfect gas and real gases
  • Ch 20 Molecules in motion: Molecular motion in gases
  • Ch 15 Statistical thermodynamics: The Concepts
  • Ch 16 Statistical thermodynamics: The Machinery
  • Ch 21 The rates of chemical reactions: Empirical chemical kinetics, accounting for the rate laws
  • The kinetics of complex reactions: Chain reactions, polymerization and enzyme kinetics
  • Ch 22 Transition State Theory: Eyring Equation, Thermodynamic Aspects