1) Chemical properties of pure substances
2) Identification of substances by their properties
3) Law of definite composition
4) Percentage of KClO3 in a mixture of NaCl + KClO3
5) Preparation of K3Fe ( C2O4 )3.3 H2O
6) Determination of water of crstallization of a hydrate
7) Quantitative analysis
8) Heat of fusion
9) Heat of neutralization
10) Solubility
11) Saturated unsaturated solutions and fractional crystallization
12) Standardization of acid and base solutions
13) Determination of acetic acid in vinegar and determination of purity of baking soda

Subjects to be covered in the lecture

  • Stoichometry
  • Nomenclature
  • Significant figures
  • Group properties of the periodic chart
  • Some represantative elements of the groups
  • Knowledge about the experiments to be done

2 hours of lecture per week, 1 lab of three hours
grading: 2 exams 20% each, 1 final 30%, lab work 30%

After each experiment a lab report will be handed in,these reports will be graded and constitute the lab work.