Archaeometry is the interdisciplinary study of human cultural history involving physical, chemical, biological, natural, geophysical, mathematical, and anthropological sciences. It includes dating for absolute chronologies, material analysis, ecological interactions, geophysical surveys, subsistence economies and conservation.

The Archaeometry Research Center (ARC) aims to facilitate and organize basic and applied scientific research projects and educational programs for our students as well as general cultural activities for the public in general through publications, seminars, exhibits and related activities.

ARC cooperates with all related educational institutions and museums to emphasize the importance of our cultural heritage assist them in our laboratory archaeometric techniques involving material analysis, conservation, geophysical surveys and training personnel.


Director: Prof. Dr. Neylan Dirilgen (Kimya Bölümü)


Prof.Dr. Hadi Özbal (B.U. Chemistry Department)

Prof. Dr. Selim Küsefoğlu (B.U. Chemistry Department)

Dr. Ayla Turkekul-Bıyık  (B.U. Advanced Technologies R&D Center)

Dr. Bilge Gedik Ulucak (B.U. Advanced Technologies R&D Center)