1. HSS Elective – Humanities Social Science Elective
At least 3 credits social science courses and all foreign language courses can be taken.

  • PSY, SOC, HIST, HUM, PHIL, EC, AD, ED and STS courses can be taken.
  • Students with an acceptable TOEFL score or with at least BB grade from the proficiency exam can not take AE111 and AE112.  Other AE courses may be taken.
  •  Graduates of French/German/Italian high schools, can take only advanced level of  FR / GER / ITA courses.

2. Departmental Elective
These are non-obligatory chemistry department courses.
( Chem 261 and Chem 498 can not be taken as departmental elective.)

Students can choose ONLY one of the following courses as departmental elective:

  • CHEM 473, CHEM 474, CHEM 475.

3. Complementary Elective
There are science courses other than chemistry.
MATH, PHYS, BIO, ESC, BM or engineering courses,
STS 301 – STS 302, CHEM 498 can be chosen as elective.

4. Computer Elective
CHEM 261, PHYS 290, ENG 101, CMPE 150, AD 150 courses can be taken:

5. Unrestricted Elective
These should be at least 3 credit courses and do not have other restrictions.

Students having F / DD / DC for an elective course are not obliged to repeat the same course. These courses can be repeated (R) by another elective course.