• May

    Name: Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Özgür GÜLER

    Affiliation: Bilkent University (UNAM)

    Location: Chemistry Seminar Room

    Hour: 14:00

    Abstract: This lecture will illustrate concepts of making materials,
    which mimic the structure and function of the biological materials
    through programmed self-assembly of small molecules and their
    applications in functional materials. The self-assembly mechanism that
    forms the supramolecular aggregates involves non-covalent interactions
    such as hydrogen bonds, electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions.
    Diverse functional groups were incorporated into nanostructures, for
    example bioactive peptide sequences and metal chelating groups as well
    as hydrophobic motifs that include alkyl chains, steroid rings, and
    aromatic systems. The potential impact of these nanostructures on
    functional materials will be discussed.